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Friday 20 October 2017

Europe is closing its external frontiers and in the surrounding areas a new kind of choreography is emerging. Far from stopping migrations, locking down borders generates new movements. Arkadi Zaides’ new performance investigates the future of borders. His starting point is TALOS, a research project promoted by the European Union, which consists in an automated mobile system to detect and prevent illegal entry. Through interviews, film footage and other documents, Zaides reflects on the consequences and ethical issues related to TALOS. Through his works, Zaides addresses social and political topics in the Israeli-Palestinian and European contexts. His artistic practice aims to foster a critical debate by focusing on the body as a medium through which political and social problems are confronted more intensely.

Choreographer Arkadi Zaides was born 1979 in Belarus and moved to Israel in 1990. He now works in Israel and Europe. He graduated at the Amsterdam Master of Choreography. He danced in several Israeli companies such as Batsheva Dance Company and Yasmeen Godder Dance Group. In 2004 he started his independent career.