The first, second and third edition of Foto/Industria

2013-2015-2017 Archive

This third edition of Foto/Industria has two ambitions that it seeks to illustrate: that the identity of some of the most important photographers, their unique gaze, can be fostered by project conceived and created for corporate commissions; and that photography, despite its supposed subjectivity, can bring illusion to the world of work and production.
This third edition of Foto/Industria mixes different genres, periods, and aesthetics to offer a true panorama of photography and its interpretations today.

Exhibitions of the third edition

This second edition of the Foto/Industria biennial, dedicated to work in all its aspects and curated by François Hébel, articulates the word production to cover the whole supply chain from conception to recycling.
Production, post-production, producers, pause, and products are the subjects featured in the 12 exhibitions held in the historic centre of Bologna, while the MAST Foundation presents, under the direction of Urs Stahel, the finalists of the fourth edition of the GD4PhotoArt competition, created to promote the work of young photographers focused on the subjects of industry, society, and territory and an exhibition of photo books on Italian industry.

Exhibitions of the second edition

The first edition presents 17 exhibitions displayed in 10 cultural landmarks of Bologna and at MAST, which hosts the show Industrial Worlds, curated by Urs Stahel.
The programme includes retrospectives on industrial work, presentations of specific projects, exhibitions of undisputed masters of corporate photography, bodies of works from private institutions. Achieving a dialogue between different collections, exhibiting previously unshown works, opening company archives, fostering comparisons, curiosity and interest by engaging museums, bank foundations and institutions, bringing to the general public the wealth of industrial photography and sharing with visitors the passion for images – this is the aim of Foto/Industria 2013.

Exhibitions of the first edition