Massimo Siragusa

Labor Limae

Any corporation that commissions work to Massimo Siragusa is striving to appear strongly contemporary.
The beauty in his photography comes from a kind of radiance spread over the image while being set within a very strict context…
The success of this photographer shows the graphic maturity of his clients.
Many of the corporations he works for have based their brand image on refined industrial design, an italian specificity. Massimo Siragusa enhances the value of their product image by creating brilliant visual settings, while developing his own personality.

A2A. Power station, Gissi, Chieti, Italy, 2009

Agusta Westland. Interior of the helicopter AW139, assembly line, Vergiate, Varese, Italy, 2011

Benetti. Costruction of yachts and megayachts Viareggio, Italy, 2005

A2A. Waste-no-energy incinerator, Brescia, Italy, 2009

Brembo. Automotive braking industry Stezzano, Bergamo, Italy, 2008

Born in Catania in 1958.
Lives and works in Rome.

LABOR LIMAE by Renata Ferri

There are photographers who make up stories, stage feelings and relations, portray the world on the basis of an idea brought to fruition simply through their creativity.
Others document reality as it is and attempt an interpretation using their own particular style.
Massimo Siragusa is a photographer that has always trodden the line between these two worlds.
His images certainly depict the real world, but what we see is never actually reality. An indefatigable experimenter, Siragusa is always re-inventing himself, in formal and technical terms, painstakingly controlling light and perspective, transforming through the language of photography his perception of the world around him.
He is an alchemist who combines details, colours, volumes and forms in a visual dialogue between real and imaginary. In this research the author créâtes an ephemeral beauty in which day-to-day objects acquire fantastical semblances.
I believe that for Massimo Siragusa this process occurs well before the image is finalised: like a prémonition of beauty, as if he is aware of the enchantment that the projection of such a world will arouse in the viewer.
Siragusa depicts a harmonious space pervaded by colour. When his photography is applied to industry, the representation of objects and settings does not lose its magic at all. It is as if this dialogue between images and products creates a fairy tale, telling the story of how human energy can actually create space and matter.
An inanimate world of ergonomic forms, where designed space is inhabited by machinery, plants and objects, on which the light and colour of the author shine. Each object plays its part, nothing is random, combinations are distilled in a perfect delineation that brings matter to life.
Massimo Siragusa's work as an industrial photographer retains the essence of his poetics. Refusing to rigidly separate personal research from the demands of the client, the author internalizes objects and places.
I am convinced that his urgent need is to transpose from the real to the fantastic, to restore to what we see the beauty of enchantment, so that we can look again with the wonder of discovery.

Renata Ferri

© Massimo Siragusa/ Contrasto