Harry Gruyaert

Raw materials

Pioneer of colour photography, member of the Magnum cooperative, Manufacturing industry, Industrial landscapes, brightly coloured hi-tech equipment, fire, … these all are ingredients for a his colour geometry.
For thirty years he has illustrated public relation or financial brochures (Arkema, Cogema, Renault, Ford, Areva, Fret SNCF…), internal communication events (Sollac).
The first exhibition of, the best of his corporate photographs.

Industrial site Boom, Belgium 1988

Technip. Design and manufacture flexible pipe site Vitoria, Brasil 2008

Uranium ore mines Arlit, Niger 1996

Technip, oil rig construction site Angra Dos Reis, Brasil 2008

Melox, plant for the fabbrication of mox mixed uranium-plutonium fuel Cogema, France 1996

Born in 1941 in Belgium.
Lives and works in Paris.

Raw Materials

Industrial sites are often chosen as subjects for photographic investigations; I am no exception to the rule and the sculptural and human aspects that I always discover have been a constant fascination to me. I have been able to work on a wide variety of sites in different countries. Commissioned work gives access to protected places that sometimes hide jealously kept secrets. I was lucky enough to be given access and to shoot several types of industries, both heavy industry and high technology, which has sometimes less visual impact. I learnt a lot about the immensity of human contribution, how the consumer society works… I saw lavish amounts of research and energy employed by mankind for its development.

Harry Gruyaert

© Harry Gruyaert/ Magnum Photos