Elliott Erwitt


The head of communications of the very large reinsurance company SCOR, whose corporate image of absolute reliability is the guarantee of good management for its shareholders, must have been a brave man. It took a lot of courage to impose a hilarious gag to illustrate each one of the group's insurance activities.
Elliott Erwitt is the marvellous photographer of everyday absurd and burlesque, his famous dogs are more human than their owners,
In order to illustrate the worst possible catastrophes he invited a swarm of children to play doctor, construction, gymnastics, in the bath or climbing, for the most delicious ever produced financial brochure.

Life reinsurance. Multiple and sophisticated medical tests do not replace a careful, well–informed diagnostic
that is essential for the patient but also for the insurer and the life reinsurer.

Transport. International trade is constantly developing, and yet transport insurance
figures are at their lowest: is this market badly organised?

Large risks. Complex risks, like those in heavy industry or on modern costruction sites require special reinsurance coverage.
In answer to this demand from insurers, it is up to reinsurers to show energy, imagination and precision.

Flexibility. Technical analysis justifies insurance rules; experience suggests when to adapt them:
it is up to the reinsurer to assess his certitudes and objectives. 

Communication. The strength of our ties is based on the ability to listen, the only
guarantee that essential information has been perceived correctly. 

Born in 1928 in France.
Leaves in New York City.


Visualizing the shareholders yearly report for SCOR with photographs of children was one of the most unusual and wonderful assignments of my long photographic career. Imagine working for a very serious company with a sense of humor. Surely a contradiction in terms and an opportunity to do something more interesting than just presenting the necessary tedious graphs and numbers. The assignment for SCOR was that once in a blue moon commission where information and imagination is served in a light hearted humanizing effort.

Elliott Erwitt

Picto, Circad, Paris

© Elliott Erwitt/ Magnum Photos